Supporting companies in Hull, Beverley and across East Yorkshire. Humber IT is here to help you maximise the return on investment you get from your IT infrastructure. 

Offering tailored consultancy, software licenses and cyber security solutions designed around your precise requirements, we’ll ensure that your technology works in unison with your growth strategy. 

  IT Consultancy Hull 

Rather than fixing small, everyday problems, our consultants focus their expertise on developing a comprehensive approach to IT that will transform the way your business operates. We can design your full IT infrastructure so that workflow is optimised across the board, as well as manage everything from cloud migration to remote working systems. 
It may be that your current IT is sluggish and incapable of keeping up with your company’s data requirements, or perhaps you want to roll out a secure Bring Your Own Device policy for greater market agility. Whatever the case, no challenge is too large, complex or specific for our IT consultants and we guarantee a bespoke solution. 
Connectivity, accessibility and security are firmly at the core of everything we deliver, so you can rest assured that Humber IT will both modernise and futureproof your entire IT network. 

  Software Licensing 

The right software is crucial to a company’s ongoing success. Without the appropriate digital tools, your business will immediately lose its edge and fall short of ever-changing customer expectations, which can have devastating effects on service delivery, brand reputation and profitability. 
To stay ahead of the game and innovate within your sector, you need software that facilitates communication, collaboration, productivity and operational excellence. Humber IT can supply a wide range of software licenses for your business, which is as cost-effective as it is reliable and convenient. 
Greater efficiency doesn’t just mean smoother operations, as it also offers the chance to reduce overheads, improve cash flow and strengthen your bottom line. A conversation with one of our software specialists can open up a world of opportunities and enable your business to get more done in less time. 

  Cyber Security 

Though malware and cyber-attacks are increasing in terms of both scale and sophistication, we’re pleased to say that online security systems are responding accordingly. Having a robust and dependable cyber security strategy in place is absolutely crucial regardless of the size or nature of your company, as viruses and hackers are neither picky nor merciful. 
Some malware is designed to attack your hardware immediately and other forms remain hidden until they’ve infiltrated your entire network. Add to this unauthorised user access and other malevolent activity and it becomes clear how varied the risk to your company’s data security really is. That’s why Humber IT offers a tailored service, which can range from a mini security audit all the way to rigorous penetration testing, a powerful digital security upgrade and customised cyber insurance policies. 

  Incident Response 

In the event that your cyber security is compromised, having Humber IT on board means that we can manage the incident on your behalf. We make sure that every aspect of recovery is delivered quickly and effectively, including getting your systems back online right away, cleaning and safeguarding the network, and submitting compliance documentation such as a report to the ICO. 
Humber IT’s Incident Response service is designed to be precise, thorough and dedicated to you achieving business continuity. We significantly reduce downtime and help you to recover from the disaster with minimal disruption to your processes, ensuring complete peace of mind. 

  Book a Consultation  

We cover Hull, Beverley, Driffield, Bridlington and the entirety of East Yorkshire. Get in touch today for an insightful discussion about how we can strengthen and expand your IT infrastructure. 

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