Dedicated to supporting businesses in York and its surrounding area, Ouse IT offers digital consultancy, software licenses and cyber security packages that are tailored to your company’s present needs and future requirements. 

The result is an IT partner that’s serious about every element of your ongoing workflow management, digital governance and protection against all forms of cyber-attack. 

  IT Consultancy York 

Ouse IT isn’t who you go to when your printer is on the blink, as we’re the specialists who design entire IT infrastructures to maximise your productivity in line with a clear growth strategy. Without an IT consultancy on your side, it’s highly unlikely that your existing network and hardware is truly capable of responding to the ever-changing practices, legislation and expectations within your sector. 
We begin by discussing where your business is right now and where you want it to be further down the line. In the process, we thoroughly analyse your current setup and determine what needs to be added, removed, upgraded and fine-tuned in order to achieve optimal results. This could include new hardware, cloud migration, digital security, state-of-the-art software, the embedding of a Bring Your Own Device policy, and various other assets designed to streamline and enhance the way you work. 
When you take on Ouse IT for consultancy, you’re guaranteed to receive a bespoke solution that makes your day-to-day operations run more smoothly no matter what. 

  Software Licensing 

By equipping your team members with the very best software, you give them the tools they require to deliver exceptional work. Ouse IT is here to recommend which applications you should be using and supply them for an affordable fee, resulting in you only paying for what you need. 
This allows your business to get more done not only more quickly, but also more precisely. For instance, having all staff working on the latest update of an application removes the risk of incompatibility issues, which in turn prevents lost files and old versions of a document being saved over a newer one. The key benefit here is efficient collaboration, as market-leading software utilises the cloud to remove the need for files being sent back and forth through messy email threads. 

  Cyber Security 

Businesses of all shapes and sizes absolutely must have suitable cyber security in place. With malware, ransomware and hackers continually on the rise and targeting SMEs, you need Ouse IT to design a customised cyber security package that will detect and prevent malicious activity. 
When you partner with our IT specialists, you receive a comprehensive cyber security solution along with all of the software required to safeguard your business. We can also help you to develop a clear digital security strategy, as well as recommend a cyber insurance policy that suits your exact needs. 

  Incident Response 

If a virus or hacker were to make it into your server, your entire company could be brought to a standstill in moments. However, if you have Ouse IT by your side, our experts will immediately get to work and rectify the situation. This involves securing your IT infrastructure, supplying advanced disaster recovery, and handling all compliance tasks such as sending a report to the ICO. 
Incident Response can mean the difference between negligible downtime and serious damage to your company’s data, service delivery, reputation and customer retention. Working with Ouse IT is as much an investment in peace of mind as it is in business continuity.. 

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We work with businesses in York and throughout its surrounding area. Get in touch today for an insightful discussion about how we can strengthen and expand your IT infrastructure. 

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