Don IT is your trusted provider of powerful digital integration, software licenses and cyber security solutions. 

We work with companies in Doncaster, Goole and their surrounding areas to keep productivity high and risks to data security low. 

  IT Consultancy Doncaster 

Our experts provide exceptional IT consultancy that’s designed to solve larger challenges and ensure smooth workflow. A prime example is when we analyse a company’s existing setup, such as its servers, devices and digital security, which is followed up with a detailed report on how it can be improved. The focus of this service is to maximise connectivity, accessibility, collaboration, efficiency and data security across your business, bringing an immediate return on investment. 
Perhaps you’d also like to know how IT solutions such as cloud migration and hosted desktops will enhance the way you operate? Whether it’s facilitating home working or reducing costs through a dependable Bring Your Own Device policy, we’ll help you to achieve your goals through the latest technology. Once delivered, we can also remain by your side as a technical authority and offer invaluable advice and support on a long-term basis. 

  Software Licensing 

There are so many applications that will give your staff everything they need to get more work done on a daily basis. The only problem is that it can be tricky knowing which software is most suitable, plus the cost of licenses can really build up. That’s why Don IT is here to recommend which applications will best suit the needs and roles of your employees, as well as supply the licenses. This saves you time, stress and also money, as we’re committed to ensuring cost-effectiveness for all of our clients. 
By having us advise on which software to use, you can greatly improve the way your business operates. In the process, we make sure that your entire workforce is always using the most up to date version of each application, which removes the risk of incompatibility, file corruption and data breaches that can be caused by outdated systems. 

  Cyber Security 

Your data is what keeps your company running and without it your service delivery will come to an abrupt stop. All it takes is a single cyber-attack for your systems to become inaccessible or sensitive information to fall into the wrong hands, which not only causes enormous disruption to your business but can also destroy the trust that you’ve built in your brand. If you think your cyber security strategy needs an expert opinion, Don IT is the answer. 
We’ll analyse your systems to determine where they can be improved, streamlined and upgraded. This can take the form of a mini security audit or far more rigorous external testing and penetration testing. 
This approach allows us to see how effective your system is at blocking malware, ransomware and hackers, which is followed up with expert recommendations on how to fully safeguard all of your data even when working remotely. We can also help you to choose a customised cyber insurance policy that suits the nature and needs of your company, offering additional peace of mind. 

  Incident Response 

In the event of a cyber-attack or any form of data breach, you need an IT partner that can get you back up and running in no time. The specialists here at Don IT will secure your digital infrastructure, give you access to your data and manage any compliance tasks such as sending a report to the ICO. 
Incident Response is something that you never want to use but are incredibly thankful for if the occasion arises. We’ll keep downtime to an absolute minimum and help you to achieve business continuity, which can mean the difference between a minor lull in productivity and a major disaster. 

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